(Australian Selective Achievement Test)

What is ASAT?

ASAT is a comprehensive assessment program specifically for Year 5/6 students who will sit the Selective High School Placement Test. It prides distinction among other practice exams in producing up-to-date questions and implementing exam information upgrades parallel to that of the actual tests. ASAT is developed and conducted by Pre-Uni New College. For the information about the Selective High School Placement Test, please visit the NSW Department of Education website.


What are the benefits?

Participation in ASAT provides an opportunity for students to gain a measure of their current achievement level under the same exam conditions as actual Selective High School Placement Test. It is greatly help parents select or review suitable school choices for their selective high schools applications.


How are the ASAT results reported?

All candidates receive their ASAT outcome report by email usually 2 weeks after the test. The report contains student’s calculated profile score, rank as well as other information about averages and levels in the skills compared with the rest of the candidates in the test. ASAT profile score is a scaled mark out of 120 which is the same format as the actual Selective High School Placement Test.

The 30th ASAT Information

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Test Format

The ASAT consists of four sections of tests and is structured as follows:

Multiple choice
Mathematical reasoning
Multiple choice
Thinking skills
Multiple choice
Open response
Test Registration

How to Register

You can apply for the ASAT registration at the registration website or at Pre-Uni New College Head Office.


Registration deadline

Registration will close at any time when all seats are fully booked.


Registration fee

The registration fee is $80 (GST inclusive). Your registration is not complete and will not be processed until you have paid the registration fee. Extra surcharge (1.02%) will apply to credit card payments.


Refund Policy

ASAT does not offer REFUND or CREDIT for cancellation.


Condition of registration

If there is a situation where the paper tests are not feasible due to unexpected events such as non-operational test venue, health & safety issue, public health order, restrictions or lockdown, students will take the tests online in their home. The test time may be subject to change depending on the number of participants in each session.




James Ruse Agricultural

High School

The ASAT test really helped me in familiarising with the new selective test structure and time frames. The questions were really similar to the real test and they both had the same time limits and questions. I think that the ASAT test was harder than the selective test, giving us experience and reassurance that we were truly prepared. It was good practice and I think that it was beneficial that many people took part in the ASAT tests so that we could roughly see our ranking. Reflecting on my ASAT experience, I have no regrets taking the tests as it was good practice and reassuring to know what I got in ASAT when I sat the Selective Test.

-Grace P.-



James Ruse Agricultural

High School

I found the ASAT test quite similar to the real test. The close passage was easier than the real test, and so was the thinking skills.

-Henry S.-



North Sydney Girls

High School

This was very helpful in preparation for the selective school test. The sessions were managed by staff members just like the real test and it felt like the actual test which helped me familiarise myself with the tension!

-Dana E.-



Selective High School Placement Test Top Achiever

James Ruse Agricultural

High School

The ASAT test was very helpful in preparation for the actual English, Maths and General Ability tests. The test times were very the same. Even the ASAT questions were a bit harder than the actual tests, it was very helpful and beneficial.

-Justine W.-



James Ruse Agricultural

High School

The ASAT was a bit harder than the actual tests but that’s always good because it’s preparing me and challenging me further than what we’d actually get. So I was prepared more than I need to be.

-Aaron L.-



James Ruse Agricultural

High School

The actual test was very similar to the ASAT and I wasn’t feeling nervous because I’ve done the similar tests before. I was feeling really happy as I could let go of my knowledge at the test.

-Susan Z.-
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