What is ASAT for OC (Y4 Opportunity Class Mock Test)?

ASAT for OC is a comprehensive assessment program specifically for Year 4 students who will sit the Opportunity Class Placement Test. It prides distinction among other practice exams in producing up-to-date questions and implementing exam information upgrades parallel to that of the actual tests. ASAT is developed and conducted by Pre-Uni New College. For the information about the Opportunity Class Placement Test, please visit the NSW Department of Education website.

What are the benefits?

Participation in ASAT for OC provides an opportunity for students to gain a measure of their current achievement level under the same exam conditions as actual Opportunity Class Placement Test. It is greatly help parents select or review suitable school choices for their opportunity class applications.

How are the ASAT for OC results communicated?

The outcome report is delivered to all candidates via email, typically within one day after the test has been taken.

2024 ASAT for OC Information

Test Date
Test Session
Test Format
Paper-based tests
Test centre locations
  • TBA
Test Structure

The ASAT for OC consists of three sections of tests and is structured as follows:

Multiple choice
Mathematical reasoning
Multiple choice
Thinking skills
Multiple choice

Test Registration

How to Register
  • The registration site will be open once the test schedule is finalized.
Registration Fee
  • $80 per appilicant (non-refundable)
  • Extra surcharge will be applied to online payments.
Registration deadline
  • Registration will close at any time when all seats are fully booked.
Condition of Registration
  • If there is a situation where the paper tests are not feasible due to unexpected events such as, non-operational test venue or health & safety issues, students will take the tests online in their home.
  • The test time may be subject to change depending on the number of participants in each test session and venue.
  • Students and parents cannot request to view any test questions.
  • NO test review session or service in any form.
  • NO REFUND and NO CREDIT for cancellation.


Email: asat@newcollege.com.au

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